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Welcome to my home page. If I were famous, you'd probably want to know everything about me. Of course, I'm not famous, so you probably don't care, but just in case I accidentally become famous later, I've included some useful information.... ME
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    My email address is no longer public knowledge. But if you are a real live person and not a spammer and you want to get in touch with me, send an email to (explaining who you are and why you want to get in touch with me) and I will tell you my real email address.

    About Me

    The Early Years

    My ancestry is Swedish & Norwegian (on my Mother's side) and German & Scottish (on my Father's). I was born in 1960 in Bay City, Michigan. In 1965, the family moved to Claremont, California. After a stint in Rialto, California, I moved back to Claremont, where I went to High School. In 1978 I left for college at University of California, Santa Cruz. If you knew me back in High School or college, get in touch with me! I'd love to hear from you.

    Beliefs <><

    I converted from atheism to Christianity in November of 1974. I'm a non-denominational, charismatic, born-again evangelical type of Christian. I am also a progressive/liberal Democrat. If you think this is contradictory, perhaps you need to get out more ;). From 1989 to 2001, I was a member of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of the Peninsula. At the end of 2001, we moved to Tucson, Arizona, where I am now a member of Vineyard City Church, Tucson. (I am also the webmaster there, so I hope you like the website!)

    Marriage and Family

    My lovely wife Nina & I were married in 1985. We have 2 sons, Caleb and Jacob. Here is the requisite photo gallery.

    Interests and Hobbies

    I've always had way too many interests than is good for me, and not enough time to pursue them. My current obsessions are going on road trips and trying to write a novel.

    Another one of my life-long interests has been cartoons. The greatest cartoon strip of all time is, of course, Pogo. A number of years ago I tried without success to launch my own comic strip. I may try again one of these years...

    I have no musical talent, but I love to listen to music.

    Forgive us, Outdoor Elvis! I'll break your arm if you ask me what's my sign In darkness you make out a spiraling shape I love you but you're strange Irgendeiner stempeln mich!

    I am interested in foreign languages and other cultures. Anything Swedish or German is interesting to me. I used to speak German reasonably well, aber jetzt bin ich sehr röstig. I've been trying to learn Swedish in my spare time, of which I have none... Someday I plan to visit these places in person, for now I just surf there on the web... I took a Swedish class for a while, but I've already forgotten everything they taught me. In the spring of '05 I also took a semester of French, then jetted off to Paris with my wife. I actually managed to fumble my way through a couple conversations.

    When it comes to outdoor activities, there's about nothing I enjoy more than paddling a kayak -- not that I am particularly skilled or experienced. Tucson is not exactly prime paddling country, unfortunately, so my prospects for getting more experience anytime soon are dim. I did manage to take a short kayak trip recently.

    Work History

    In the summer of 1979, I worked at Disneyland. If you get an opportunity to do the same, I highly recommend it!
    My first major software endeavor was Rogue, which I worked on in college and used in lieu of a degree to get my first job. Other programs I've worked on that you may be familiar with are Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and Quicken.

    Most of the other companies I've worked for are out of business now. But really, don't blame me. As far as companies that are still around: For five years, I worked at Intuit as a software designer and project manager. For seven more years, I worked at a start-up called UpShot. UpShot was acquired by Siebel in October of '03, I worked for them until October of '05, when I quit to start my company, MindCountry.


    In the early 1980's on UNIX computers on college campuses all over planet earth, thousands of students wasted hundreds of thousands of hours playing a computer game called "Rogue". Recently, Digital Entertainment magazine in Tokyo asked me to recount for them how the whole thing came about, since I have firsthand knowledge. To find out how we came up with the game, read my Brief History of Rogue.

    Six Degrees of Separation

    It has been demonstrated that you can get from yourself to anybody else in the world in 6 steps or fewer by going through people you know (The "six handshakes" or "six degrees of separation" theory). Here are links to the web pages of everyone I know personally who has a web page (as far as I know). If everybody did this, you should be able to get to anyone in the world in 6 clicks or less. By the way, if you have a web page, and you personally know me, and you're not on this list -- you should be! Let me know.

    (I try to keep these links updated once a year or so, but I'm sure a lot of them are out of date)

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